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30 Apr 2016
The Spanish Sun in the Hermitage

Are you also looking forward to higher temperatures? Wait no more – visit the Hermitage! The unique collection of Spanish art will transport you to the Mediterranean in the 16th and 17th centuries. In their paintings, Spanish masters such as El Greco and Ribera tell the stories of a world gone by. Go see the Spanish Golden Ages and the kingdom in which the sun never sets.

The Spaniards, just as the Dutch city guard, let themselves be immortalized in a stately manner on portraits and in excessive decoration of their buildings. Painters such as El Greco, Ribera, Zurbarán, Velázquez, Murillo and Goya welcomed this opportunity with open arms. The temperament and pride of the subjects in those paintings are now part of the decoration in the Hermitage.

The highlight is the hall that is dedicated to the Spanish Golden Ages. Velázquez shows his revolutionary side when he immortalizes not the rich ones, but everyday objects. Zuloaga is known for his nationalistic themes and the walls glitter with pride. This pride is also seen in the decorated furniture and the craft in armor that symbolizes the status of the one carrying it.

The exhibition would not be complete without Spanish bullfighting, which is represented by Villegas‘ paintings and a documentary about Enrique Ponce, a famous bullfighter. The exhibition is full of typical elements of Spanish history, politics and nationalism. The setting also plays a part in all this: the red and yellow colors in combination with the art make it look Spanish, royal and almost theatrical. The experience is completed by the musical audio tour. The sounds of Moorish and Spanish music that was written by DJ Von Rosenthal especially for this exhibition will soothe your ears. It really is a heart-warming experience. Enjoy!

This exhibition was on view untill 29th of May.

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